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Nick Trierweiler

Software Developer

Technical Skills

Languages: Python, C#, JS, C++ Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, OSX
Testing Frameworks: [Pytest][19]
Coursework: Data structures, Algorithms, Data Science, Operating Systems, Principles of Programming Languages, OpenGL(C), GIS, Computer Graphics, Databases(SQL)

Professional Experience

CGI / Devops & Software Engineer (Full Time) April 2019 - Present Greenwood Village, Colorado Languages: C#, JS, Python, SQL

  • Managed CI/CD pipeline
  • Site availability
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Application Development
  • Automated daily tasks

HeyTutor & CodeMentor / Mentor & Tutor (Just for fun) une 2019 - Present Languages: Python, JS, SQL, CSS, HTML

ROBAUTO / Software Engineer (Part Time)
February 2019 - April 2019 Boulder, Colorado Languages: JS, Python, Processing

  • Prototyping products in processing
  • WordPress site optimization
  • Serial buffers, image processing, arduino projects
  • Presenting product to investors
  • Sendgrid API automation

Buffalo Academy / Computer Science Tutor
October 2017 - June 2018 Remote tutor

  • Tutoring for Algorithms/Computer Graphics Students at CU Boulder
  • Weekly meetings with students to help with homework sets
  • Prepared lessons based on homework sets to help students
  • New students acquired by referral from satisfied students

NCAR / Systems Administrator Assistant
June 2015 - Oct 2016 Mesa Lab Boulder, Colorado

  • Customer facing
  • IT problem solving & customer support using ticket system
  • Worked on larger projects with team using AGILE and JIRA
  • DNS cleanup project involving scripting
  • Database queries


Twitch Idle Game / Unity and C# (in progress) Multiplayer game using websockets Client(unity) Server(python)

Vermin / Unity and C# (in progress) See here

Automated Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Bot / Python

  • Developed a bot for arbitrage exchanges using APIs
  • 200+ trades yielded between 2-8% profit margins

Neural Network that plays Snake game / Python

  • Genetic Algorithms applied to Neural Network to learn snake

Rocket League Bot / Python (in progress)

  • Bot that plays Rocket League by processing gametick packets including physics and other data to determine controller states
  • 3D coordinate systems, game state manipulation, and rendering

Multi-threaded DNS Lookup / C

  • Multithreaded program that pings websites and determines if they are live using mutexes, a shared resource, and pthreads library

Twitch Bot / Javascript

  • Simple twitch chat bot using tmi.js module
  • Enhances streamer viewer interaction allowing players to join a list to play with streamer with chat commands

Movie Tree / C++

  • An implementation of red black self balancing trees
  • Analytics about tree instance are readily found for purposes of optimization of searches and testing of tree structure

Shakespearean Sonnet Writer

  • using data from Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets construct a new sonnet using markov chains and NLTK


University of Colorado Boulder / B.A. Computer Science
Fall 2014 - Summer 2018 Boulder, Colorado GPA: 3.28

Aims Community College / A.A.S. Air Traffic Control Specialist