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Nick Trierweiler

Full Stack React Developer

Westminster, CO 80023


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University of Colorado, Boulder- Bachelor of Computer Science

2018 Graduate

Work Experience

CGI Federal, Full Remote-** React Developer **- Front End - Full time

January 2021 -PRESENT (40 Hours/Week)

  • Feature development coordinating with UI/UX and BE team
  • Implementing feature work within 2 week sprints
  • Writing tests for features using jest (90% code coverage)
  • Integrate data analytics solution for link clicks, redirects, session end, and other inter-component clicks/keypresses
  • Creative solutions for using React alongside existing legacy .NET codebases
  • Develop with 508 compliance in mind for screen readers
  • Bi-weekly sprint demo of feature work and fixes
  • Working with other teams (PM, UI/UX, back-end) to track and estimate work, sync efforts, and deploy together for internal and client demos
  • Branching, merging, deployment, code checkin, and code reviews in github

CGI Inc., Greenwood Village, CO- Software Developer / DevOps - Full time

April 2019 - January 2021

  • Engineered build/release pipelines using CI/CD in Azure DevOps (VSTS)
  • Managed code deployments for 21+ environments, 50+ servers, and 8 major release branches
  • IIS server troubleshooting, management, and configurations
  • ASP.NET MVC Web Application Development (C#)
  • Agile: 3 week sprints, 7 major release, hotfixes, standup meetings, task prioritization

Baiby LLC, Denver, CO- Full Stack React Developer - Contract

October 2019 - December 2020

  • React/DynamoDB/Terraform/AWS + Material UI

  • Front end page redesign using material UI and backend using DynamoDB

HeyTutor, Remote- Computer Science Tutor

JUNE 2019 - November 2021PRESENT (2 Hours/Week)

  • Tutoring Python but also some HTML, CSS, JS, SQL
  • Helped students and professionals to learn Python for data analytics, data cleaning, web development, gui development, REST, and SQLalchemy
  • Also tutored in college for fun and I still enjoy it!

Robauto, Longmont, CO- Software Developer

FEBRUARY 2019 - APRIL 2019

  • Created prototypes in processing.js for investors while being under time pressure
  • Designed and implemented serial buffer protocol and image processing algorithms for arduino prototypes

Additional Experience / Side Hustles

  • Giving Up / C# - A multiplayer platformer shooter game developed in my free time featuring capture the flag, demolition, and free for all game modes. This game is being developed in Unity and uses Mirrorfor networking.
  • Automated Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Bot / Python - A bot I developed in college to take advantage of a unique arbitrage opportunity discovered while trading cryptocurrency online. Leveraged API’s to gather data and report back with trades which should be executed. At the peak, the bot arbitraged trades up to $500 with up to 8% returns.
  • Krystal Klean - Site optimization and redesign for wordpress site. Reduced image sizes, removed unnecessary js code libraries, changed assets, etc.


  • Experienced with developing, testing, and deploying code within a professional setting
  • Fast learner, team player, and a driven independent worker
  • Communication skills, attention to detail, strong sense of ownership
  • Ability to work independently, good oral and written communication skills, professional attitude
  • Desire to build interesting functionality and the ability to break down complex problems

Tools and Languages

  • JavaScript, React, Python, C++, Postgres, MySQL, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, DynamoDB, Agile, Git, VSTS, Version Control, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, AWS, Heroku, Netlify, Docker, REST, Websockets, Test Driven Development, Visual Studio Code, VMware, VirtualBox, Android Studio, XCode, Jekyll, Next.js, Processing.js, Unity, Asp.Net MVC, C#, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ruby, dotnet test, Pytest