About Me!

I am a self driven, passionate, and ambitious junior developer. I currently work part time as a software engineer for Robauto in Longmont, Colorado.


I love all things python. Recently I have really been enjoying the TalkPython podcast. Although I love python, I consider myself a generalist and have used many object oriented languages and web frameworks.

Current project:

I am building my own API right now using Docker and Flask in python. Although it is not completed I have a link to it’s intended functionality

Agile, Jira, and the value of teamwork

At NCAR, I worked on a team using Agile and Jira to track projects and communicate with my team. I understand the value of communication and work well in team settings as well as in isolation when I need to focus hard. I enjoy algorithms and coding challenges and would love to be able to show you what I can accomplish.

Check out my resume!

Entrepreneurial Projects


Content Marketing For Developers

2 minute read

Content Marketing For Developers Today I was reading about content marketing. It’s become quite popular online. Although it’s not my area of expertise, I wan...

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less than 1 minute read

Enjoy this otter ascii art.

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