I don’t want to write

Today, I worked a bit late. And honestly, it was fine. I don’t really feel burned out, but I also don’t really feel great either. Perhaps I need to workout more or get more vitamin D(I ordered some on amazon though so it’s on it’s way).

Seriously though, I don’t want to write anything. So I am just mostly doing this for the habit. I wanted to work on simplefoodfinder.com, but I am conflicted on what direction I want to go with the project so for now it’s just sitting there waiting for me to stop neglecting it.

I have a great job, and I am enjoying it. However, I also like doing things with my hands. I want to work on the wrx, but I am waiting on a tool and it won’t be here til tomorrow. Lots of waiting.

Part of why I am writing is because I think if I get used to doing this, that it will help me to understand what I am thinking, and what I am doing, and what I WANT TO DO. I am sitting here listening to this song on spotify and it’s giving me that inspired feeling. Let’s get back to what I was going to say here though. Many times per day, and many times per week, I think of ideas and just let them pass. I have all kinds of ideas and thoughts. This is part of the human experience. However, it just feels chaotic at times. I don’t have a way to track what the thought processes were and I often don’t write them down(although I do write down some “good” ones). I have several notebooks, and I do write down stuff in those. But that’s not the point. I want to figure out what I really want to be thinking about. I like having a goal or plan that I am working towards. But, I am also scared to implement my ideas.

Scared to try new things(especially financial investments)

Examples: TURO, Airbnb, Rental arbitrage, Mercari, Ebay, Lost mail resale, Amazon return resale, Comfort niche, sff

Some of these I have tried, but I also have concerns. I guess that’s normal. I want to try new things though, and I want to succeed. Succeeding takes failure, but failure is scary. I am not scared to fail when the stakes are low, or when the losses are minimal. But when I have to put down 6k, and the losses could be more, I get scared. It’s odd though, because I’ve lost 6k to crypto losses before without blinking, and that was significant. I would rather lost 6k to crypto than lose 2k to turo. What’s the logic there? I am not exactly rational when it comes to money.

Money is scary

I’ve always just made sure I had enough, and spent little, in order to drown concern over my finances. But that’s not a good use of money. People that are successful with their money know waht it can buy. They know what to do with 1 million dollars if they want to create something. They’ve been there, and done that. I, however, have not. I am lacking in this area. If I had 1 million to spend to start a business, I wouldn’t know where to start to get it going. That’s a problem. I should know. If I want to be the owner of a small fortune for my family and I, then I should know how to use it to help us win.



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