It really is GOOD to be bored sometimes.

As a kid, I remember being extremely bored. My parents would take me to the store, or I would be waiting to be picked up after school, or perhaps I was waiting for my friend to finish doing chores before we could play.

In moments like this, I found entertainment in the simplest ways. I can remember a day when I made a game out of two pencils and a rubber band while being bored after school. Somehow I was able to create something out of nothing in those moments.

Ironically, after watching tiktok for an hour, I can find boredom even while watching videos that I know would normally entertain me. So what’s happening here?

Social media and television also seem to make important tasks less fun. It’s as if I’ve eaten a large slice of my favorite Tres Leches cake, and I no longer want to eat brocolli.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy brocolli, because I certainly do. It’s just that after eating cake, I am feeling a bit full and the brocolli just doesn’t sound appealing anymore.

If you are looking to be creative, or if you have something important that you need to do, try being bored.

Perhaps then, I should start my day by eating brocolli(being bored) and save my cake for dessert(watching tv or social media).

Why don’t more people do this? Well, as it turns out, boredom is not fun. Some would say it’s painful even. How painful? People have been known to shock themselves in order to relieve themselves of being bored.

I have been trying this out for the last year and I’ve found some success with it. However, I haven’t been as consistent as I would like to have been. 2021 was a year of experimentation for me. I tried new things, met new people, learned new skills, added some hobbies, and in the end I moved to a new state. I’m okay with that.

So for 2022, I want to be bored more. I want to spend time enjoying the things that arise out of boredom. Instead of chasing stimulation, I want to try and quell that desire for input. Perhaps this will be in the form of meditation, or just waking up and writing a blog post(even if I can’t think of anything to write about - this hasn’t happened yet though because often when I am bored I am able to think of lots of ideas for things to write about).



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