Brain dump

On Friday I was feeling stressed. It was a bit of a slow day and I just had a lot on my mind. I have found that I often don’t take action on any of my work/hobbies/desires when I have too many things on my mind. It can be difficult to choose one of my tasks and get started. I simply have this long list of to-dos in my mind and can’t seem to stick with one. Even when I do select a task, I am often interrupted with worries about forgetting the details of another task. This brain dump will help me to get some of those ideas and concerns out of my head and into this document.

Scheduling my work and hobbies

My room mate and I love to go bouldering. However, there was a 6 week period where we stopped going. We just couldn’t find the time to go. However, after scheduling it for Mondays and Thursdays we haven’t missed once. Schedules work for me because I can plan around it, and I don’t have to decide to go. The decision has already been made. I want to apply this to other activities to see if it works for me.

  • [] Work on simple food finder
  • [] figure out how to get a lot of menus onto the site in an automated way)
  • Work on lifesriber
  • [] naming journals
  • [] finishing touches
  • [] check security policies for journals
  • make the swap functionality better because it’s confusing
  • create an animation to show what the application does and put that on the homepage
  • update the homepage
  • make it clearer what the application state is
  • fix the textbox component?
  • [] add custom fonts as a dropdown selection
  • Play guitar
  • [] practice the fingerpicking for song for sonny liston
  • [] Write in my journal
  • [] Work out on the schedule set in Jeff Nippard’s high frequency full body program
  • [] Switch to a sifting litter box


Brain dump 2

1 minute read

Brain dump 1 (old brain dump from 04-2020 with checkboxes filled as of today 01-2020)

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