My Rocket League Bot

rocket league bot
Check out my bot on github.

Motivation for this project

In recent years I have spent much of my free time playing Rocket League. I have found it to be a game of never ending complexity and skill which has kept me involved for a number of years. I stumbled upon this reddit post a year ago and began my journey. Today, there is a rich rocket league bot creating community with their own subreddit and discord channel.

Since I discovered Rocket League Bots many improvements have been made to make setup and creation easier than ever before. I highly recommend checking it out.

rocket league bot

Check out this slick ball bounce prediction line in purple.

Why make Rocket League Bots?

  • build a personal project to put on your resume
  • learn or solidify Linear Algebra concepts
    • vectors
    • physics in 3D world coordinate system (position, velocity, acceleration)
    • matrix transformations (mainly translation and rotation)
    • projections
  • use tools to affect game state, render lines for ball predicitons, and more
  • meet others who share love for game bots

Check out my Rocket League Bot on github



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Enjoy this otter ascii art.

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